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 Swiss-made IT solutions | Data Backup in Switzerland “It's not a faith in technology.
It's faith in people,.. in Swiss people!”
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Our address:
Schochenmuhlestrasse 6
CH-6340 Baar
Office: +41-61-505-0001
Contact us via email  Contact us via Telegram  Contact us via Viber  Contact us via Threema
The company Infomaniak Network SA offers a so-called Swiss Backup Solution, which is 100% Swiss, perfect for individuals and businesses for backing up their servers and workstations.
Infomaniak Network SA provides flexible storage space, from 200 GB to 500 TB of data, it offers customizable storage space adapted to your needs.

The Solution is compatible with and secure for all devices: computer, mobile phone, NAS, server and virtual machine. It enables to secure your data in Switzerland: your data is backed up and encrypted in the Infomaniak’s own data-centers, which are Tier 3+ and located in Switzerland.
The company backs up your data on a permanent basis at three different physical locations. This guarantees no information at all will ever be lost. At the same time, the information is accessible by yourselves anywhere in the world: you can access, back up or restore your data in a few clicks, wherever you may be in the world.
The location of Infomaniak’s data-centers is not disclosed and you are free to access your infrastructures whenever you wish. Access to the data-centers and to servers is protected by several airlocks and by an electronic access control system with biometric identification that analyses the vein network of your finger. In order to further reinforce the security of the data-center, each sector and each path to the racks is equipped with a facial recognition system.

With the Swiss Backup Solution, you benefit from the absolute confidentiality, as Swiss data protection law ensures complete confidentiality for both businesses and individuals. This means no administration may access personal information without explicit permission from a judge.
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