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Our address:
Schochenmuhlestrasse 6
CH-6340 Baar
Office: +41-44-771-2500
Contact us via email  Contact us via Telegram  Contact us via Viber  Contact us via Threema
No matter whether you want to go online with a private homepage or a company website – you need a web address. Which domain extension to register? For Swiss websites, for example, you cannot be wrong with a .ch or .swiss domain name. Whether business, shopping or sport: contact the company FireStorm ISP GmbH, which will be happy to advise you.

FireStorm is one of the top official Swiss domain registrars for .ch domains. It also offers the most important domain extensions for Swiss and international customers (more than 1500 extensions in all business sectors are available).
If you want to transfer your domain from another provider to FireStorm, just contact your current domain provider (registrar) and request the transfer code for your domain. Then start the transfer procedure on the site of FireStorm and enter your domain transfer code.
FireStorm provides a first-class support by email and telephone and also offers unique solutions to secure your domains and your personal data. Your address will not be passed on to the registry. Your personal data will not be entered into the WHOIS servers. It provides protection against stalkers, identity theft and address abuse. Instead of your contact information, the Domain Privacy Service will be used as your contact address.

FireStorm ISP GmbH is 100% in Swiss hands and is kept under the management of its founder.
Even after more than 20 years of existence, FireStorm continues to play a leading role in a constantly changing market and is one of the “top ten” web hosting providers in Switzerland. See more on our Swiss Hosting page.
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