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 Swiss-made IT solutions | Hosting in Switzerland | Swiss messenger | Data backup in Switzerland | Domain registration | Swiss file transfer | IT services “It's not a faith in technology.
It's faith in people,.. in Swiss people!”
Steve Jobs & Michael Baer
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Our address:
Schochenmuhlestrasse 6
CH-6340 Baar
Office: +41-61-505-0001
Contact us via email  Contact us via Telegram  Contact us via Viber  Contact us via Threema

Welcome on board, friends, colleagues, partners.
SWISSMADE-IT is a new project, offered by the consulting company MB GROUP SWITZERLAND AG. It is the 21st century now. The world is full of the Internet, super-computers, smartphones, social networks…
Who creates and controls all this?
What are the risks associated with each click on the «Send» button?
We at MB GROUP are ready to offer the world the Swiss-made IT solutions:
Enjoy using the Swiss best-in-its-class messenger
Rely on the Swiss data centers, located on the territory of Switzerland
Feel comfortable under Swiss law, which protects your privacy and your
   personal and commercial information


This website is dedicated to promoting the Swiss IT solutions. It combines traditional Swiss values such as quality, reliability and precision.
The Swiss IT developers and providers are innovative, open and flexible, thus making two clear promises to their customers:
Your data stays in Switzerland
Control over your data remains in Switzerland as well

In other words, tangible data sovereignty instead of cloudy promises. This is in contrast to vague agreements such as the recently overturned Privacy Shield, which was supposed to regulate the framework conditions for data exports from the EU to the USA.
The unsuitability of this agreement was not only confirmed by the European Court of Justice, but also by the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commission (FDPIC).
Switzerland is a synonym for reliability and neutrality as well as being internationally recognized for its discretion and the quality of its services. The IT sector enjoys the best infrastructures here: a constant and reliable power source, broadband internet access and an extensive fibre-optic network. These characteristics allow us to manage entirely redundant and secure TIER III+ data-centers.

Our services are provided in cooperation with Swiss qualified IT professionals, whose uncompromisingly constructed and applied technology guarantees an extraordinarily high level of reliability. Complete confidentiality and security of your data are also guaranteed.
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